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You can buy my first novel now! On Amazon in paper back or ebook! Thank you so much! It is also on createspace!


The Embers of Amour!

My first self published novel is now up for grabs!! Please help and support me in my dream! Thank you so much!!

The Embers of Amour


The Embers of Amour

Follow me on facebook! My first self-published novel will be out soon!

And I am going to be working on this website so sorry for the mess.

Evan The awakening Part one.

Here is three links to my short story… Evan The awakening Part one! It is only six pages long! So please read, like, and share! Thank you so much! It means the world to me! <3

The Watcher. Charles Part one.

Hello everyone! Here is a short story I wrote! It is about a character from a novel/movie I am writing. He is not a main character in those and not seen as important. However, I wanted to write from someone else’s point of view in those stories.  So if you will please take a few minutes to read my short story! Like and share! Thank you so much. A novel will come soon!

MA rating!

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Still some writers block…

I still have writers block but I am going to write short stories of some of my novels/movies/etc and post them here. But, right now I am trying hard to focus on finishing a novel. I am doing a bad job at it due to big writers block… but I believe I finally picked a story to focus on! So hopefully by two months I will have something half-way finished. I will finish something! I just have to take hold of my future and present and take action.


I’ve been way to lazy but I am always thinking about writing. My stories are always in my head and they make me happy and want to write. But, I am so lazy and don’t! I did write some last night but not enough. My goal is to finish half of one of my novels in few months! And finish close to end of the year! I know I can do it! Just have to stop being lazy… I moved recently and  going to make a desk for myself and that will help me focus. No idea how or why but a desk just makes things better for me. I am excited and hopeful about my future… I can do anything! Just have to stop being lazy and do it!


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