Still some writers block…

I still have writers block but I am going to write short stories of some of my novels/movies/etc and post them here. But, right now I am trying hard to focus on finishing a novel. I am doing a bad job at it due to big writers block… but I believe I finally picked a story to focus on! So hopefully by two months I will have something half-way finished. I will finish something! I just have to take hold of my future and present and take action.

Oh writers block…

I hate stress… I am in such a writers block and I hate it so much. I been writing on a comic though and I really love it. I also decided to rewrite one my novels in third person because just haven’t been able to get first person right. It sounds great in my head but when I write it down… just is not the same. I will publish something! I hope to this year! Eh… anyway here is a love poem…


The touch of the warmth

the thickness of the lust

the shadow of pain

the lingering of the want

twisted in a unlikely fate

the reach for the touch

the love of the lost

waiting for the blue eyes

for those strong arms

tangled together in the night

And there, I could stay for entirety
In your passionate blue eyes of lust and happiness, I could drown in your beauty
I only wish I could kiss every part of your body as you fall asleep
Touch your skin softly and listen to your heart beat as you drift into a deep sleep
Oh how lovely it would be to listen to you breath as you dream
Everything would be perfectly complete
I’d close my eyes, squeeze you tight, dream of forever
when we wake, I’ll have your lips on mine
you’ll smile and I’ll laugh and we’ll hold on another
I would stay there for entirety
if you let me, my love.


I’ve been way to lazy but I am always thinking about writing. My stories are always in my head and they make me happy and want to write. But, I am so lazy and don’t! I did write some last night but not enough. My goal is to finish half of one of my novels in few months! And finish close to end of the year! I know I can do it! Just have to stop being lazy… I moved recently and  going to make a desk for myself and that will help me focus. No idea how or why but a desk just makes things better for me. I am excited and hopeful about my future… I can do anything! Just have to stop being lazy and do it!

Time to start doing MORE!

I have been somewhat of a mess lately and so I have not been writing on anything. Though I have been thinking non-stop about my stories and everything. And I am going to put myself on a schedule so I can write more and do more things. I really need too finish something or edit the things I have finished! I think I am going too try to write a short anime show or comic so I can have that and maybe get someone too help me with it. I am going to be movie to Austin soon so things will start happening more… I am so nervous and scared. But, I am hopeful and looking forward to it because it is where I want my company too be. I just have to actually finish something!! I know my ADHD gets me a lot but I need to try and find a way to focus better so I can finish a book. I really need too. This is what I want to do for my life so I NEED to push!! I am scared and happy for the future. But, I believe in my stories.